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Hi-Impact Coaching

Working from a passionate belief that personal and professional development neither start nor end in the training room, Ralph Watson has been coaching for success for almost twenty years and in thirty countries around the world, working with individuals and teams from all walks of life and at every level in organisations from the shop floor to the board room. His style is solution-focused, incisive and based on action and accountability. This is where the brand of “the White Wolf” was born. 

Ralph delights in helping people and teams to make massive breakthroughs, overcoming their obstacles and clearing the route to high performance using structured and incisive coaching methods.  For truly deep and lasting change, Ralph uses his powerful Pathfinder Programme. You can find out more by clicking the link below.

Ralph Watson is a true MASTER Coach and also coaches and mentors professional coaches, helping them to achieve outstanding results in their own coaching business. 

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