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Ralph Watson


Ralph Watson is an international Coach, NLP Master Trainer and Speaker with a tremendous reputation for helping his clients achieve outstanding results. He operates from some deeply held beliefs:

  • All people have massive potential

  • Many never achieve that potential for a variety of reasons

  • That as speakers, trainers and coaches we have the skills to help facilitate people on their journey to achieving that potential: to design their destiny


His philosophy and style, based on his fascination and study of the wolf pack in the wild and its connection to high performing teams and individuals, have earned Ralph the title of “The White Wolf.” Ralph applies that philosophy as he helps individuals and organisations to achieve true peak performance. He does this by helping them to banish fears and phobias, improve their thinking and decision making strategies, supercharge their confidence, build better connections, develop new hi-impact skills and "Unleash their inner wolf!" To date, he has worked with thousands of people from over 30 countries and across many cultures.

Ralph is also an engaging and highly entertaining speaker with a humorous and thought provoking style.  He has delivered presentations and speeches at an international level from Moscow to Mumbai, Riyadh to Rugby. 

Ralph's passion now is the Association for Professional Coaching, which he founded in 2016 and is fast growing to be a go-to community for professionals in coaching, NLP and allied disciplines.


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