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You've got a great goal.. SO WHAT!!?

Have you noticed how many people write, post and talk about how to set amazingly smart, huge, incredible goals? Yes, I hold my hand up because I do it too. And why not? After all, too many of the amazing people I meet in my business as a Coach are going in circles because they don’t have a focus point; a goal.

But I’m not here to talk about goals today. If you want that, you can find it in one of my social media posts – or you can read somebody else’s for that matter. No, I’m here to say “So, you’ve gone to the trouble of sitting down and creating a really amazing goal. So what?” That’s only the beginning of the journey and, as important as the beginning is, the rest of the journey is equally important, maybe more so.

I’d like, right here, to share just a few tips from my Coaching experience that can, and will, help you turn that amazing goal into incredible reality and they are based on my Coaching Wolves philosophy.

Get the wolf pack attitude

Look to the wolf in the wild. It exists and thrives in a harsh and unforgiving environment and much of its success is that it has a kind of “mental attitude” of do whatever it takes. The wolf thinks in terms of the hunt and the kill. It doesn’t stop to consider what will happen if the prey is bigger or tougher than itself. It doesn’t look for problems and obstacles. Its attitude is not even “I can do this.” Its attitude is totally, “I WILL DO THIS.”

Put that attitude into your mind-set and notice how things appear different to you now.

Get relentless

One of my favourite words in describing the wolf pack and in describing the way in which I and my clients approach the achievement of our goals is “relentless.” What does it mean to be relentless? It means that everything you do is done to take you one step closer to achieving that goal. It means that you will not allow yourself to be side-tracked into achieving somebody else’s goals instead – an all-too-common issue – but will hold your gaze on your goal.

Build your pack

I read an interesting quote a few months ago. It said, “No one man can achieve everything but, together, a team can.” Now, I’m not suggesting that you need to dash out and hire a team to help you achieve your goal but you can, in your own way, build the “dream-team” that will help you.

Think about it like this: there may be skills that you don’t have, knowledge you don’t possess, resources you need. So, look around you and consider these questions:

  • What additional resources do I need in order to ensure success?

  • Who do I know and trust that can bring those resources?

  • What can I do for them in return?

  • Who DON’T I know but still need to reach out to?

  • So, who knows them and can help me reach out?

These few questions can help you on your way to building a very special personal network but always remember that people are far more likely to help you if, in return, you are helping them. Build connections, feed and nurture them – just as a Leader feeds and nurtures the Wolf Pack.

Swift and deadly or the long hunt?

Just as the pack hunts in the wild so you can look at your journey to success. Think about how you can make short and swift successes that will feed and nurture your appetite and motivate you for the times when some part of the journey is over tougher ground. What can you achieve today that will nurture you tomorrow?

Strategy is vital and a well-planned journey is far more likely to end in success that a fast dash without thought.

So, a few thoughts that may help and encourage you on your quest for the success you seek and deserve.

Good hunting!

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